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“When I was still a teen, I never had the
opportunity to see who I was being and
understand why I am the way I am. Susan
gave me perspective. She is the relief for
those in pain, the crowbar for those that
are stuck and a fresh breath for those that
feel suffocated. Even now, when I sometimes
need a little tune up, Susan still offers all
these things while working herself out of a job.

Susan, thank you for who you are and the
difference that you make on the planet!”

- Aaron Brandt, Mortgage Broker, Sedona, AZ

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In Susan's counseling with
individuals, both teens and
adults, her passion for clear,
honest communication is
the core of her work. She is
a compassionate listener
AND will be interactive,
always keeping the channels
open for you to discover what
you already know about
yourself. We all have barriers
in the way of expressing
ourselves fully. Susan is
committed to getting to the
source of what those barriers
are, how you needed them for
survival, and supporting you
in making healthier choices
at this time in your life on your
way to having all you ever
dreamed for....and perhaps
more. She is available to
work over the phone.


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