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“My relationship was on the brink of
collapse when my fiance and I began
seeing Susan Henkels for couples therapy.
Susan's compassion and insights helped
us reconnect to the love we had for each
other. Her invaluable “communcation
exercises” really helped shine a light on
where we'd stop listening to eachother.
Every so often we'll fall back into our old
negative patterns but will quickly remember
our experience in therapy and use what
we've learned to communicate with respect
again. We always felt a sense of safety in
communicating our emotions with Susan,
there was never a feeling of judgement or side
taking. We both felt heard and understood.
She's really one of the gems we've discovered
in Sedona and we highly recommend her
services and in fact, we'll go back every once
in a while for a tune up! Susan Henkels saved
our relationship!”
- Liz Margin, Sedona, AZ

Relationship Repair Intensive.
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Relationship: The hardest
thing there is to be in, the
thing we know the least
about, and when it's great,
it's wonderful. How do we
get there when so few of
us had good models for
healthy relationships?
Learning the elusive art
of listening gives you the
unique experience of being
heard. People listen to me
at work or when I am with
my friends... What happens
when I come home or when
I have been home all day?
The most difficult challenge
in a relationship is feeling
as if each partner is being
heard and learning how to
listen in return with honor
and respect. How do I give
my partner what he or she
wants without feeling as if I
am giving in? How to create
an equal playing field where
each person's contribution is
honored? Relearning how to
acknowledge and appreciate
each other like you did when
you first met.

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