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Tree painting representing relationship and the healing nature of this weekend retreat

Relationship Repair Weekend
The weekend intensive with couples offers you and your spouse,
partner, significant other a unique opportunity to rediscover
what your were so excited about when your first met. Tucked in
a magnificent canyon among the red rocks is your own private
rustic cabin overlooking some of the most beautiful views in Sedona.

The weekend includes working with both Susan and Eric who have
been together in a fun, loving marriage for 35+ years and use the
experience of their journey to map your way through whatever
challenges you may be up against. Or you may want to take an
already thriving relationship to the next level.

Susan uses her skill as a compassionate, careful listener to hear
where there are places you may be stymied as to where to go next
with your partner, places you may be blind as a couple to see for
yourselves. We design new ways of communicating so that each
of you gets heard and honored for what you are feeling.

Eric is a 5th degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.
His work is about being grounded in the physical universe as Aikido
is using both partners' energy to work through conflict. They will
use the exquisite, high desert trails for hiking and meditating to
stay close to Mother Earth.

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